How do I make a donation?

Donating is really easy!. From the donations section you will find the available methods: Donate for Coins

What is the crediting delay of the Coins?

Coins delivery is instantaneous! This means that a few seconds after making the payment you will see the Coins in your account ready to be exchanged.

How do I initiate a claim for a donation?

If for any reason your Coins were not delivered after a period of 24 business hours has elapsed since you made the payment, you can initiate a formal claim from the following link: Donation Claim

When are Coins promotions launched?

The promotions are announced by the administration always as a surprise. This means that there are no predetermined dates, nor are they announced in advance. Promotions can be launched any day at any time. Stay tuned!

How do I become a VIP User?

Once you have obtained the VIP Coins through donations, you can choose your VIP membership plan from the corresponding section: Acquire VIP

Can I recover the access data to an account?

Of course! Here is an article with information: Recover account!

Can I change the E-Mail of my account?

The answer is no, as indicated in point 3.3 of the Terms and Conditions.

My antivirus detects a threat when installing or running the game. What should I do?

If you downloaded the game client from our official website, you don't have to worry. But it is possible that some antivirus detects some type of threat when in fact it does not exist. This is called a "false positive." A false positive (in computing) refers to the detection of a file as a virus (or some other kind of malware) by an antivirus, when in reality it is not a virus, malware or malicious file. These errors are usually few, although depending on some factors the probability of their appearance may increase.
It is recommended to add the game folder to the exclusion list of your antivirus to solve the problem. We leave you some guides that will help you: Help Guides - Antivirus